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Truss and Full Steel House
Delivery in two Weeks 

Engineering, Design & Build Structure





Design projects

We can design your project or choose one of your models in Steel Frame. We are specialists! We make county plans and the engineering.

All documentations with engineer signature and stamp.

Steel Panel Truss Casa

Engineered Solutions

We designed and detailed using an Advanced construction system. We design entires projects or only parts of them like Roof trusses, Wall frames and Floor joists.

This design and build methodology system is all about the rapid construction of quality buildings and delivers a faster return on investment and new business opportunities.

The engineering is sign and seal by engineer in 72 hours.

Manufacture and Panelisation

The cold form steel frames and components are produced and fabricated from structural quality steel coils and are shaped at ambient temperatures by a roll-forming machine.

We can produce large quantities and at high speed with consistent quality and precision. Our wide range of advanced tooling functions allow high productivity and versalite output to produce: Roof trusses, Wall frames and Floor joists.

Our design system makes it all made to exact measurements, saving time and costly wastage in the construction stage. Detailed design speeds up compliance, reduces engineering cost and minimizes room for error on-site.

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